Discover Bensen Kwan's musical journey through a collection of his past performances. Explore his recorded achievements and experience the beauty of his past works.

Stay With Me - Miki Matsubara (Steel Band Arr. by Bensen Kwan)
University of Delaware Beginning Steel Band
Director, Josanne Francis
Arranger, Bensen Kwan and Josanne Francis

Prism Rhapsody - Keiko Abe
United States Army Field Band
Conductor, Colonel Keene

Extremes - Jason Treuting
University of Delaware Graduate Percussion Group
Gabriel Labell, Bensen Kwan, Jake Grimsley, Zach Odom

Workers Union - Louis Andriessen
University of Delaware Graduate Percussion Group, Gene Koshinski and Tim Broscious

Beat Skip - Tomas Garcia
World Premiere (commission)

From "The Iliad" - Mark Buller
World Premiere (commission)
Krista Pape, soprano

Parallel - Brian Nozny
University of Delaware Percussion Ensemble
Percussionists - Tim Bonaventure, Julia Mescallado, Jonathan Rowe, and Alison Janes
Coach - Bensen Kwan

21 - Andy Akiho
Bensen Kwan and Mitchell Wright, cello

spero - Michael Burritt
University of Delaware Graduate Percussion Group and Michael Burritt, soloist


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