About Bensen

Passionate about fostering community, social improvement, and stewardship, Bensen is a musician who exhibits these virtues. Bensen uses his musical skills to bring meaningful programs to audiences, educate and enrich the human experience, and all with a smile on his face.

As a performer and educator, Bensen has found success in these fields. A few highlights include playing for Steve Reich, studying percussion in Germany, students being accepted to college music programs and performance opportunities in Carnegie Hall, and being a featured soloist with the US Army Field Band and West Point Band.

Professional Journey and Achievements

Bensen's career has been filled with remarkable achievements, including playing at prestigious events, studying under renowned musicians, and contributing to significant music recordings. His international education in Germany further enriched his musical skills…

Teaching Experience

Bensen's dedication extends to music education, as he has taught private lessons and served as a technician at various educational institutions. He completed his student teaching assignments in Texas schools, collaborating with experienced mentors…

Aspirations and Dreams

Bensen aspires to become a full-time performer, using music as a means to spark meaningful discussions and promote social equity. He remains grateful for the support of his friends and family, and outside of music, he enjoys hobbies such as longboarding, cooking, and exploring diverse topics on YouTube…


Bensen's videos showcasing solo performances, ensemble pieces, and original arrangements.

Prism Rhapsody, Keiko Abe
Performed by Bensen Kwan and the Army Field Band

Stay With Me - Miki Matsubara
(Steel Band Arr. by Bensen Kwan)

Performed by University of Delaware Beginning Steel Band
Director, Josanne Francis
Arranger, Bensen Kwan and Josanne Francis

Performed by University of Delaware Graduate Percussion Group


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